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Help us keep our facilities clean by observing the following guide

General Etiquette

  •  Guest with health condition should consult a physician before using the facilities

  •  Please take off your shoes before entering the locker room area

  •  Please refrain from making loud noises or distractions while using our facilities

  •  Please do not bring outside food or drinks

  •  Please place used towels and linen in the laundry basket

  •  Please return all magazines and newspapers in its proper place

  •  Please do not take any photos in the spa and locker room area

  •  Smoking is permitted in designated areas only

Men's / Women's Spa

  •  Please shower before using the tub

  •  Please shower after using dry/steam sauna before going into the tub

  •  Use of hair dyes are not allowed in the spa

  •  Use of oil products and facial beauty products are not allowed in the spa

  •  Please do not wash or dry your clothes in the spa or the sauna

  •  Please do not wear bathing suits in the spa

  •  Please refrain from splashing water in the tub

  •  Please place used toothbrushes and razors in the trash


  •  Please refrain from bringing and eating outside food

  •  Please return folding chairs, mats and pillows to its place after use

  •  Please return all comic books to its proper shelves after reading

  •  Please place trash, empty cups, and cans into our trash can

  •  Please do not leave your children unattended

  •  Please refrain from making loud noises

  •  Please wear proper clothing in this area. (Robes, outside clothes and foot wear is not allowed)

  •  Please do not take the clay balls and salt rocks outside of its place

Thank You

Enjoy your stay with us

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